Wellness Commission honored in Congressional record

Founder & chairman of the Van Buren County Wellness Commission, Roger Hooper, presented a certificate of Congressional record to members of the community volunteer group at a meeting on May 14. It records a statement by Congressman French Hill at the March 25th session of the House of Representatives, honoring the VBC Wellness Committee for community health initiatives including the Wellness Kiosk project in Clinton.

Minutes from Congressional sessions & the House of Representatives are on permanent record in the Library of Congress. The full record of this transcript can be seen at this link:


Mr. Speaker, I rise today to commend the efforts of the committed professionals at Van Buren County and their determination to improve that community’s health and well-being.

The Van Buren County Wellness Committee, founded by former County Judge Roger Hooper in 2017, seeks to create a bridge between local health resources, information, and initiatives to improve the health and well-being of the residents. At present, three grant-funded health-awareness kiosks have been
installed across the county featuring asset mapping of community health resources and county health initiatives. These kiosks allow residents to find the best doctors and healthcare services within their communities, connecting individuals with the services they need, from food insecurity to mental health support and recovery.

I would like to extend a hand of gratitude and congratulations to Roger and the entire Van Buren County Wellness Committee for their worthwhile investment in the health of our citizens in that county.

[Congressman French Hill, Arkansas 2nd District]

The rain didn’t stop a cheerful group of Wellness Community volunteers from attending a ribbon cutting for the Wellness Kiosk project on March 12, 2019. The group’s focus is joining forces with local agencies & outreach programs to address important health issues like nutrition, fitness, mental health, drug & alcohol abuse, and community wellness in Van Buren County.

The VBC Wellness Committee, founded by Hooper in 2017, was modeled after the “Healthy Active Arkansas” program. Its goal is to create a bridge between local health resources, information, and initiatives in order to improve the health of Van Buren County residents. The commission is targeting access to wellness information & resources, obesity rates, tobacco use, workplace wellness, & food insecurity, as well as the need for mental health support & drug recovery programs.

The Commission has installed 3 Wellness kiosks to date, and has launched a monthly Wellness Media Calendar to help coordinate activities with the Health Department, VBC schools, healthcare providers, volunteers, and local media.