Update Your Business

DID YOU KNOW? Your business in the city of Clinton is listed for free in the City’s Online Business Database. The city of Clinton maintains a current list of all active business establishments within the city limits. This includes brick & mortar businesses, service providers, vendors, and any other commercial establishments that receive a business license from our Zoning Department.
This list is maintained by the city as a source of accurate information in the event of emergency and disaster, as required by local & state regulations.
This business list is also published online as a reference for the public, and is cross-referenced with the business membership list of the Chamber of Commerce’s Community Directory.

You can update your business information for public records by visiting City Hall, or click this link to update it easily on our Business Portal: ClintonARK.com/MyBiz →

Click the link for more details about the mandatory Business License and the voluntary renewal fee to benefit recreation & events.