Uncommon Communities Tour

This week, Van Buren County prepares to host a special 2-day visit by members of the “Uncommon Communities” Economic Development group from the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute.

Member communities (including Clinton & Fairfield Bay) use thIS cutting-edge forum to improve teamwork & communication and to learn about advancing infrastructure, tourism, and local economy. The program’s invaluable network provides educational & grant resources to help boost the community’s growth. The 3-year development course culminates in a “graduation assessment” tour as the grand finale. Clinton & Fairfield Bay will host their graduation tours on Thursday, Apr. 26 (Clinton) and Friday, Apr. 27 (Fairfield Bay) as group members tour the town to experience and observe as guests. Improvements and challenges are noted and discussed, as the city earns a place in the Institute’s community curriculum.

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