"Stake Your Claim" Community Revitalization

A board of local volunteers has initiated a downtown improvement project with the help of representatives from Arkansas State University & the University of Arkansas Extension Services. Their goal consists of a four-pronged effort to improve the downtown business area, attract & nurture local business, and cultivate a thriving environment for community events. Leading members include Jackie Sikes of the “Dirty Farmer’s Market,” councilwoman Wendy Russ, Deborah Myers, and a number of others.

Volunteers are divided into four areas of work:

  1. Downtown Beautification
  2. Marketing & Communications
  3. Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  4. Local Hospitality

The project has already been awarded $5,000 in state grants, which will allow volunteers to lay the groundwork for much-needed improvements. The group holds weekly town hall meetings every Saturday at 1pm at the Dirty Farmer’s Market downtown, as well as public project tours.

For more information, contact Jackie at 253-4716 or drop by the Dirty Farmer’s Market. Stay tuned to the www.ClintonArk.com Community Events Calendar for news.