Clinton ParkFest at Archey Fork Park

We will announce updates here on the official page, on the City’s Facebook page @clintonarkansas, and via e-mail (click here to be added to the list).

We look forward to hosting your fundraisers, food booths, and vendor areas in the Park again this fall, once the weather is milder, and people are more comfortable gathering to support local activities like ParkFest.

We will continue to work together to set up optimal space for your vendor booth, class/workshop space, performance, fundraiser, etc., to allow everyone to participate comfortably & safely.

Any vendors interested in setting up space later this year are encouraged to contact us about reserving space. This will allow us to gauge interest in the event and help promote attendance. Please contact Tim Clark at the Zoning Office at 501-745-8110.

Thank you, and please continue to support local businesses & organizations!

Last Saturday of each month | Community Open House | Archey Fork Park

Calling all local vendors, fundraisers, and community activity organizers!

The City of Clinton and the Clinton A&P Commission invite you to join a community open house at Archey Fork Park. This monthly festival encourages a variety of events & activities to schedule together for a better turnout, and promotes the community use of our beautiful Park.

Admission & booth space are FREE on ParkFest days!

The concession stand will be open 10am-2pm (depending on volume).

ParkFest is perfect for:

  • Group fitness activities
  • Sports activities (disc golf, basketball, backyard sports)
  • Non-profit fundraisers & community outreaches
  • Program signups
  • Information booths
  • Live music, dance & talent shows
  • Local arts & crafts
  • Outdoor workshops & classes
  • Products from home-based businesses
  • Shows, sales & swap meets
  • Fresh produce, preserved & baked goods


  • Organizers & vendors must register their booth or group event at City Hall to reserve space.
  • Registration is subject to approval by the zoning official and is first-come, first-serve.
  • Plan ahead and provide details about your activity to receive free ParkFest publicity & promotion in local media, including posters, radio, newspaper, and social media!
  • Applicants must provide their own tents, tables, and supplies and are responsible for removing all personal property completely before the end of the day.
  • Merchandise & activities must meet all state and local health & safety requirements. The City of Clinton is not responsible for accidents or loss of personal property during public events. Sale or peddling of livestock or pets is not allowed. No panhandling is allowed.
  • The event is family-friendly and no alcohol, drugs, smoking, or indecent/offensive behavior will be permitted on Park premises. Thank you for helping to make our community a better place!


Contact Zoning Official Tim Clark at City Hall: 501-745-8110
Send e-mail to:

Events Schedule & Participants