Archey Fork Park

Clinton City Park: Main Street Park, Archey Fork Park & Riverwalk

Clinton proudly hosts a large, beautifully maintained multi-purpose park & recreational area, just off the Highway near the historic downtown and business area. Great for walking, playing, exercising, family outings, or just enjoying nature! Bring the whole family and explore the area’s many features.

Archey Fork Park Trail Map (Click for larger view)

Fully-paved & marked three-quarter mile walking track leading from the park, under the Hwy 65 overpass, around Archey Creek Park and behind the Archey Fork Mall, and back to the Main Street Park.

  • Convenient parking & public restrooms
  • Bring the kids to the swing park & a nearby skate park for older kids
  • Basketball court, softball & baseball fields, and Disc Golf!
  • Fishing pond, fountain, and outdoor classroom with wildlife garden
  • Enjoy a relaxing retreat right next to historic downtown, with several monuments & memorials
  • Beautifully landscaped stream garden and native habitat area along the newly-restored Archey Creek
  • Pavilions, covered bridges & comfortable rest areas
  • Shaded camping spots along the RiverTrail
  • “Three Rivers Trailhead” monument on the historic downtown square: 8-foot tall symbolic monolithic sculpture made from native stone. Created by Fayetteville artist Hank Kaminsky, it celebrates the area’s natural & cultural heritage. See it in the Main Street park!
  • Newly extended Riverwalk Trail on the north side of the walking track (part of the Archey Fork nature conservation project from the Nature Conservancy)

Pollinator Garden

The Pollinator Garden is the result of many hours of hard work by volunteer students & teachers. The garden is located in Archey Fork Park, behind the strip mall off Hwy 65 (on the Riverwalk trails past the softball fields).

Disc Golf

A challenge for every level of golfer! Moderately hilly/wooded course at the park, with plenty of amenities, conveniently located with numerous shops & restaurants within walking distance. Regularly scheduled hobby & sanctioned tournaments.

Clinton Disc Golf →

Main Street Park

Kiddie Park/Playground, Veteran’s Park, & Historical Park. Linked to Archey Fork Park sidewalks on both sides of Hwy 65.

“Three Rivers Trailhead” Monument

Designed by Arkansas master sculpture, Hank Kaminsky, the monument is located near the head of the city’s lighted walking trail, with access to the park’s many amenities all lovingly donated and well used.

The three sided eight foot high monolithic concrete sculpture appears at a distance to be a large grey native rock with water flowing over it. Closer inspection reveals images, some clear others more subtly rendered onto the rock like surface. All images, dates and names are important elements of history and heritage chosen for inclusion by people of Van Buren County. A nearby kiosk gives details of the images from Indian maiden to atomic energy, turkeys to ticks.

Sidewalks, kiosk, stone benches and sculpture were built over a five year period with multiple funding sources, organizations and 220 volunteers. Three Rivers Trailhead is truly the creation and an expression of our community…

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