Latest Recommendations for Re-Opening

These are some of the current advisories for Phase 1 of businesses reopening in Arkansas. For the latest updates from Governor Asa Hutchinson and the Arkansas Department of Health, please save this link:

This page contains directives for the different kinds of establishments, travel advisories, and the latest video from the Governor’s press conferences. With so much info to digest, it’s important to use the proper sources, so we can all make informed decisions as we gradually re-open our community!

May 18: Directive for Large Indoor Venues
May 11: Directive on Resuming Restaurant Dine-In Operations
May 6: Directive for Barber Shops, Body Art Establishments, Cosmetology Establishments, Massage Therapy Clinics/Spas, and Medical Spas
May 4: Directive for Large Outdoor Venues
May 4: Directive for Gym, Fitness Center, Athletic Club and Weight Room Reopening