Jay Murdock named Clinton Police Chief

With the retirement of Chief John Willoughby announced in early September, the city has been reviewing applications to fill the opening for the position of Chief of Police.

It is my pleasure to announce the selection of and to congratulate Lt. Jay Murdock as my choice for the position of Chief of Police for Clinton. After interviewing the candidates over the past few weeks, I believe that Lt. Murdock has the essential skills and qualifications to effectively manage and fulfill this position’s requirements and responsibilities. His ten plus years within this particular department has given him familiarity to make effective decisions in the field and words very well within the court system. He stresses continuing education for officers and is aware of the additional responsibilities of the chief’s position including public relations, delegation of duties, and the ultimate responsibility and success for the department itself.

I would also like to thank everyone who expressed interest in the job, especially the ones who interviewed for the position. The field was well represented which made the selection process difficult. Each applicant has served in the past locally as a county and/or a city law enforcement official or is currently doing so. Clinton is well represented by these public servants who are dedicated to this community.

With that, I wish to welcome Lt. Jay Murdock to this position as he assumes his new role as Chief of Police for Clinton, Arkansas. The city will continue to be well served by its police department who are very much appreciated for their service to their fellow man. Thank you all very much.


Richard McCormac, Mayor of Clinton


Police Department