Business & Economic Growth

Clinton is a small town with big potential.

Blessed with a beautiful natural heritage and the valuable dedication of many hard-working hometown folks, we can all work together to help make the vision of a “new and improved Clinton” a reality for everyone.

Go out and explore!

Clinton is full of hidden treasures: natural, historical, artistic, and more. Exploring isn’t just for tourists! Let’s get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with what our community has to offer.

Support local business!

Small business is the backbone of America’s economy. When you shop locally, more of your dollars stay in the community. Supporting entrepreneurs in our community is a small step we can all take that plays a huge role in revitalization.

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Make a difference!

Everybody has a part in sustaining and improving our community. Make your voice heard by participating in public municipal meetings and town hall gatherings.

There are many great ways to contribute your time and talents – consider volunteering with one of our outstanding non-profit outreaches.

Join the action!

The Clinton area has an active calendar of events year-round. From festivals to fundraisers, ribbon-cuttings to recitals, classes to cookoffs – attending local activities is a great way to mingle and keep our community life thriving.

For more information on our Business Community, visit the Chamber of Commerce Hub →

Hwy 65 Expansion

Source: Connecting Arkansas Program

This project contributes to the four-lane widening of Highway 65 between Clinton and Harrison. When complete, the additional lanes will enhance the transportation connection between the cities, increase capacity, and improve traveler safety.

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The City of Clinton has also funded the recent expansion of walkable sidewalks along the highway, branded Wayfinding Signage, and LED street lamps through the central commercial area.

The City of Clinton works continuously to improve the condition of vital infrastructure.

Starting in summer of 2021, Petit Jean Electric Co-Op will break ground on high-speed fiberoptic internet services throughout Van Buren County.

As of May 11, 2017, the Clinton City Council approved the implementation of a 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan for the water & sewer system. This plan provides for City CD’s and state tax bonds to fund the long-term re-engineering of several key areas of water & sewer facilities in disrepair. The fiscal plan (2016-2025) is necessary to prevent more extensive damage to our facilities, to reduce waste & expense, and improve the general quality of our infrastructure & quality of living.

The plan also seeks to implement the usage of high-efficiency electronic water meters, phasing out the older manual-read models.

For more information about water & sewer improvements, please call the office at 501-745-4320 or email

The beautifully-maintained city park complex is widely recognized as a gem in our community. Managed by the City Parks Department, the grounds contain public green space, paved walking trails, sports facilities, music stage, historical monuments & public art, playgrounds, disc golf course, and gardens, along the conservation area of the Archey Fork River Preserve.

The Van Buren County Wellness Commission maintains informational Kiosks along the trails promoting local health resources & activities. The Parks Department is actively expanding the facilities to include public camping sites and other visitors attractions. The Park hosts numerous key events, including the Annual Chuckwagon Race Parade & Catfish Dinner, Archey Fest Carnival, and sporting events & fundraisers throughout the year.


The City’s Zoning Commission is working to improve appearance and safety along the highway and public areas. Removing trash & debris and keeping properties & roadways clean, safe, and pleasant is part of an ongoing beautification plan. Clinton enjoys a location with a particularly beautiful natural setting. By keeping our community clean & presentable, it becomes more attractive to investors and new residents.

Flood Plain Mapping

Clinton’s zoning office is working closely with Arkansas state officials & FEMA to update the flood plain map of downtown Clinton and the Archey Fork area. This will impact the flood plain classification of structures & commercial initiatives in the downtown area. This process will begin in spring of 2021.

The Zoning Office also advocates at state level for flood plain mitigation for property areas in the city limits affected by the risk of water damage. The goal is to re-evaluate flood risks following improvements to infrastructure and watersheds (Archey Fork/Little Red River), and to improve commercial potential.

Clinton is already blessed with abundant natural beauty with Greers Ferry Lake, the Little Red River, and many other features that attract visitors to keep coming back. Recently, we’ve worked to add or sponsor amenities to encourage tourist recreation – including a brand new Disc Golf Course at Archey Fork Park, holiday festivals, fishing tournaments, & music events.

In partnership with the Advertising & Promotion Commission and the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce, the city is expanding its reach in the tourism market with targeted visitor & relocation campaigns. Selective advertising to potential visitors uses our best assets – our unique regional culture, our hospitality, and our natural beauty – to bring more revenue to the area.

Clinton Visitors Guide

Clinton’s first official visitors guide is now in its 4th edition. Part of the “Highway 65 Road Trip” theme, the brochure & matching digital material is continuously distributed to Arkansas Welcome Centers statewide, in addition to popular businesses & attractions. Our state tourism department is actively promoting “socially distanced” destinations, off-the-beaten-path adventures, and road trips – making our region a top attraction for a getaway.

Clinton wishes to welcome some of the newest members of our business community:

  • Blue Bird Ranch Winery
  • Ozark Valley Organics
  • Joe n Hash Cafe