Emergency Responders Dinner

Volunteer Firefighters at Clinton Senior Center
Members of the VBC Volunteer Emergency Squads at the 6th Annual Dinner

At the 6th Annual Emergency Responders Dinner, hosted by the Clinton Senior Citizen Center on Saturday night, Judge Roger Hooper & Sheriff Scott Bradley were among the guest speakers who paid tribute to the area’s volunteer firefighters, first responders, police, and game officers.

The Shirley FFA and the local Odd Fellows chapter organized the event along with many area sponsors & volunteers who helped provide free dinner for the responders, their families, and community guests. Approximately 200 guests were present, including many of the area’s emergency personell. At the recognition ceremony, the loved ones of fallen firefighters & law enforcement officers from our region received plaques honoring their service. Also recognized was long-time VBC 911 dispatcher, Joan Price, who passed away only a few weeks ago.

Sheriff Cody Carpenter, 41, and Wildlife Officer Joel Campora, 32, both died in May 2013 while attempting to rescue flood victims in Scott County. Their families were present at the ceremony to receive recognition awards presented by Sheriff Bradley.

Visit the Arkansas Emergency Responders Memorial Page →

Millard Wagner of the Odd Fellows volunteers, who helped coordinate the event, talked about his personal experience years ago with the life-saving efforts of our local emergency responders. He says it’s gratitude that inspired the annual dinner & he hopes it can continue for many more years with the generous support of local sponsors.

In addition to their emergency volunteer efforts, the Odd Fellows of Scotland have also worked with the Ozark Health Medical Center to setup emergency housing for disaster victims. After recent tragedies involving tornadoes, floods, and fires, this newly renovated facility near the old school in Scotland will offer much-needed temporary shelter for those in immediate need following an emergency.

For more information about this facility, or to find out ways to contribute, contact Millard Wagner at 501-592-3454.