Title 9: Streets & Sidewalks


As of 2019, the City Ordinances have been reissued into a comprehensive Municipal Code Book, organized into standardized sections by the Arkansas Municipal League.

For the most accurate, complete, and current version of city laws & policies, please refer to this new Code Book. Scanned copies of the individual ordinances in the old system will be available here for historical reference purposes only.

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9.04 Streets, Alleys, Gutters or Ditches
9.08 Excavations and Alterations
9.12 House Identification
9.16 Street Names


9.04.01 Streets and alleys
9.04.02 Gutters or ditches

9.04.01 Streets and alleys It shall be the duty of every owner or occupant of any lot or premises in this city along which any street or alleys runs, to keep said street or alley from the middle line thereof to the side next to him, free from all manner and kind of filth, garbage, trash, debris or decaying animal and vegetable substance of every kind.

9.04.02 Gutters or ditches No person shall allow any dirt, filth or obstruction of any kind to accumulate in the gutter or ditch in front of his premises, and all owners or occupants of property are required to keep the gutter or ditch in front of their premises clean, open and free from trash and weeds, and all obstructions to the easy and rapid flow of water.


9.08.01 Excavations – permit
9.08.02 Application for permit – deposit
9.08.03 Excavations to be restored

9.08.01 Excavations – permit No person, firm or corporation shall cut into, tunnel under, or in any manner disturb the surface of any street, alley or sidewalk in the city without first applying for and obtaining from the Recorder/Treasurer a written permit to do so, which shall be dated, and shall give the name and address of the person to whom the permit is granted, and the location of the place where the street, alley or sidewalk is to be cut into, tunneled under, and the purpose for which said permit is granted.

9.08.02 Application for permit – deposit Any party either public or private, except the Clinton Water Department, and any other agency of the city of Clinton, Arkansas, shall post a Bond in the sum of One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00) with the City Clerk for the purpose of compensating the City should the utilities and excavators fail to repair city streets.

9.08.03 Excavations to be restored. All excavations made are to be restored to their original condition to the satisfaction of the Mayor or his appointee before the deposit shall be returned. STATE LAW REFERENCE – See A.C.A. 14-301-101.

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9.12.01 House numbers
9.12.02 Installation
9.12.03 Optional Signs
9.12.04 Sign upkeep
9.12.05 Penalty

9.12.01 House numbers The City of Clinton will provide each residence and/or property owner located within the city limits with uniform sign meeting the following criteria:

A. Three (3) inch numbers to be assigned by the City.

B. The numbers shall be on a weatherproof and suitable material not less than six (6) high and twelve (12) inches wide.

C. The color scheme for the sign shall be white numbers on a blue background field.

D. Variances may be allowed by the Clinton Fire Chief based upon a showing of good cause. (Ord. No. 2009-03, Sec. 1.)

9.12.02 Installation The City of Clinton will initially install each sign for each residence and/or property location. The and said sign may be on the residence of building itself if it is within fifty (50) feet of the adjoining street and if it can be clearly seen from that adjoining street, or at the end of the driveway or other regularly used access way. In the event of a dispute over placement of the sign, the Clinton Fire Chief shall have the final decision and such decision will be the best location to be seen from the adjoin street in the event of an emergency. (Ord. No. 2009-03, Sec. 2.)

9.12.03 Optional Signs In the event a residence owner objects to the sign provided by the City of Clinton, that property owner may select a sign of greater preference but said sign shall meet or exceed the criteria set forth in this Ordinance and will be obtained at the sole expense of the property owner. Further, the property owner must install that owner- selected sign within sixty (60) days of rejection of the sign made available by the City. The City shall have the right to install the City owned sign pending arrival of the owner- selected sign to rapid location in the event of an emergency. Upon replacement by the property owner, the City owned sign shall be returned to the Clinton Fire Department. (Ord. No. 2009-03, Sec. 3.)

9.12.04 Sign upkeep It shall be the duty of the property owner to maintain the sign keep it in position and free of all visual obstructions. The property owner or resident of the property so signed upon discovery of such damage or destruction must immediately report all damages to any sign to the City of Clinton Fire Department. Any doubts shall be resolved in favor of public safety and the decision of the Fire Chief shall be final subject only to review by the City Council. In the event of a property owner’s objections to the decision of the Fire Chief, such objection shall be to the City Council within sixty days following the date of any order directed to the property owner. (Ord. No. 2009-03, Sec. 4.)

9.12.05 Penalty The penalty for violation of any provision of this Ordinance shall be result in a fine $25.00 for each violation up to a maximum of$75.00 for multiple violations. (Ord. No. 2009-03, Sec. 5.)

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9.16.01 Street name changes

9.16.01 Street name changes The following streets shall have the name assigned below from and after the date of passage of this Ordinance

A. The street currently known as “Short Oak Street” from the intersection with short “Joe Bowling Road” to the intersection with Fraser Street from this date forward shall be “Stephens Street”

B. The street currently known as “short Joe Bowling Street” from the intersection with Yellow Jacket Lane to the Intersection with Poplar Street from this date forward shall be “Don Crow Street”

C. The street currently known as “Patton Street” from the comer of Yellow Jacket Lane by the Clinton School “Agri Shop” to the intersection of South Street from this date forward shall be “Patton Street”.

D. The Street that begins at “Patton Street” curve and runs south to the end from this date forward shall be ” Rogers Street”.

E. The street known as “Rogers Street dead end” from the intersection with “Patton Street” to its dead end from this date forward shall be “Jennings Street”.

F. The Street formerly known as “West Patton Street” is deleted.

G. That portion of “Walker Street” that runs from the intersection with Yellow Jacket Lane south to where it intersects with Yellow Jacket Lane again, where it runs through the parking lot, the covered walkway and between the elementary and intermediate school buildings is deleted.

H. The street known as “Pilgrims Pride Road” from this date forward shall be “Yellow Jacket Lane.” That portion of the road from the former Pilgrims Pride plant to the intersection of Yellow Jacket Road is reserved for future use. (Ord. No. 2009-04, Sec. 1.)