City Supervisors Meeting, 3 Sept 2020

The city of Clinton departmental supervisors met Thursday, September 3, 2020. Those present were John Willoughby, D.L. Webb, Tim Clark, Philip Jones, Richard McCormac, Chad Brown, Richie, and John Schooley.

Chief Webb reported that the positive cases of COVID-19 in the county were at 33. He added that while the number was up, a spike had been seen in the surrounding counties and the rise did not catch the county off guard. Mr. Webb also noted that the school’s plan of a two-week, all vital curriculum should offer an accurate monitor for a final decision on the rest of the school year’s schedule. Other school districts have expressed interest in this model. Discussion was held on the city park and whether to close it back down, but all agreed to keep it open due to high acreage and the open layout of the facility. Charles Wilson had reported on the fish fry that was held at the Eoff Ranch and said that it went very well. Several riders were not able to attend due to rising river levels, but he estimated that between four and five hundred were served. Tips for the senior citizen centers in the county exceeded $2,000. Many thanks to the chuckwagon participants for their generosity!

School board president D.L. Webb mentioned that the school nurse Haley Haney was doing an excellent job. He said that she is looking for a better way to initiate quarantines before an exposure problem arises. Hopefully, the school and medical facilities can increase communication without compromising any privacy issues. City Attorney Chad Brown mentioned that anyone using sick leave for quarantine purposes must have proper documentation and a doctor’s note or letter. He also said that Governor Asa Hutchinson will attend a ribbon cutting for the Children’s Advocacy Alliance on Monday, September 14 at the VBC Annex. The new agency will allow a local team an interview process location for any cases involving juvenile abuse and will be an excellent resource for Van Buren County.

The meeting concluded with a reminder by Chief Webb to continue to practice proper hygiene procedures and for each city department to keep sufficient sanitizer available. The city’s stock of these products remains sufficient.

Thank you again for your continued patience during this unique and unpredictable year. Please contact City Hall with and concerns or suggestions at (501) 253-0160.

Mayor Richard McCormac

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Governor’s executive order as of July 16, 2020