City Supervisors Meeting 26 February 2021

The city supervisors met Friday, February 26th at the Clinton Fire Station. Those present were D.L. Webb, Jay Murdock, Tim Clark, Will Hinchey, Jason Hayes, Chad Brown, Charles Wilson, and Richard McCormac.

Fire Chief D.L. Webb reported that active COVID-19 cases continued to trend down statewide, and if it continued, the governor is talking of lifting many restrictions on large venue gatherings by the end of March. He also reported no major fires during the recent cold weather, and discussed some issues of frozen fire hydrants with Will Hinchey.

Water Superintendent Will Hinchey said that he would have more reliable numbers on the overall water loss by next week, and he and the Chief discussed possible ways of monitoring water loss more accurately on individual hydrants. He also reported three major leaks during the sub-zero temperatures, with two breaks at Bee Branch and one involving the old sprinkler system at the former Pilgrim’s Pride facility. He said that all of these leaks have been repaired and the boil orders have been lifted. He added that the Bee Branch boil order was implemented because of broken lines, while the Dennard order was pre-cautionary due to extremely low pressure. He said that Van Buren County Water Department did not issue any boil orders and that all three systems worked well together during the bad weather. He said that three water boards plan to meet together next month to establish greater multi-system communication. He concluded by saying that the Clinton Water System is actually pumping less water north due to the multiple leaks detected and repaired.

Police Chief Jay Murdock reported a few fender benders during the storm but nothing “over the top.”

Street Supervisor Charles Wilson said that his crew did a great job and were now focusing on the parks and cleaning “school hill” for the upcoming state basketball tournament.

Tim Clark said that the weather sirens are being repaired where needed, and that the base unit is being permanently wired into the new City Hall.

Chamber of Commerce [director] Jason Hayes said that with the possible ease in restrictions of large venue events by the state, the county should see a good year in tourism. He also said that the Chamber would be interested in managing the concession stand at the park.

Chief Webb ended the meeting by thanking all of the departments and citizens for their work and patience during the storm. He added that the school would be putting up AAA State Basketball billboards this week.

As always, feel free to contact City Hall with any comments or questions at 501-253-0160, and please remain safe and healthy.

Richard McCormac
Mayor of Clinton

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