City COVID-19 Response Meeting, June 8 2020

The city department supervisors met Monday, June 8, at the Clinton Fire Department. Those in attendance were Tim Clark, Phillip Jones, D.L. Webb, Richard McCormac, John Willoughby, Charles Wilson, and Jason Hayes.

Chief Webb reported that there were two positive cases for COVID-19 in Van Buren County. He also reported that the number of cases and hospitalizations were up in the state, with one death recorded. He said that the governor might extend Phase One as earlier planned. The transition to Phase Two will allow 2/3 facility capacity as apposed to 1/3 for Phase One. Earlier talk of separating the state into quadrants seems to be unlikely.

Jason Hayes has been working with Jeff Jackson who is the environmental supervisor for the Arkansas Department of Health. The city has submitted a plan for Archey Fest and the details are being worked out. Waymon Bruce of the Alread community also submitted a plan to the state for his firework display planned for Saturday, July 4th. He thanked the Clinton Chamber of Commerce for their assistance in the application process.

Charles Wilson reported that sanitation locations could be posted at various spots for Archey Fest, and the use of volunteers with sanitary spray could be offered upon entry. Chief Webb stated that the city has a sufficient supply of hand spray for the event. Paul Rhoda has submitted an additional application for the car show that will be located on the court square.
Chief John Willoughby reported that the prayer vigil went smoothly on Thursday, June 4th and thanked the county for their help. Craig Clute continues to work with other communities on the possibility of an abbreviated baseball season, and Charles Wilson reported that four teams have already signed up for the Archey Fest softball tournament. Jason Hayes said that environmental supervisor Jackson mentioned the need for no spectator congestion for the softball event, and Charles Wilson expressed confidence in the city’s plan for social distancing.

Chief Webb said that the governor is remaining optimistic on the state’s recovery while he’s noting that the numbers have shown a recent increase in positive cases. The governor attributes this to more testing and noted that the hospital availability is sufficient.

Phillip Jones with the Clinton School board reported that the district received 11,000 pounds of chicken donated by Tyson food. He expressed thanks to Tyson and Steve Goode of Cash Savers for sending two trucks for delivery of the product at no cost to the school district. Chief Webb and Phillip Jones said that a plan on the 2021 school year should be made on the 26th of this month.

As always, the city is very grateful to the public for their patience and generosity during this time. Please contact City Hall for any comments and suggestions. Thank you again and remain safe.

Richard McCormac