City COVID-19 Response Meeting, June 30 2020

City supervisors met Tuesday, June 30 at the Clinton Fire Station. Those in attendance were Charles Wilson, Richard McCormac, D.L. Webb, Tim Clark, Chad Brown, Craig Clute, and John Willoughby.

Chief D.L. Webb reported that the current active cases of COVID-19 in Van Buren County were at five. He also said that last weekend’s Archey Fest was a success and complimented Medic One, city employees, patrons, and all volunteers. Jason Hayes reported that there was plenty of sanitizer for the event and that he had the excess stock at the Chamber office. Charles Wilson also stated that all the events during Archey Fest went well with no adverse incidents to report. He stated that bringing the soap box derby to school hill was a good idea and hopes to have some individuals build several more cars for next year’s races.

Carrie Renfrew of the Chamber of Commerce said that the concession stands stayed busy and encouraged more vendors to attend next year’s event. Heidi Kottke said that the mechanical bull riding booth got extremely busy during the evening and was a good addition to the fishing tournament. Charles Wilson said that the drawing for prizes during the fishing derby was an excellent idea and looks to continue doing it. The fireworks display was well-received, and Jason Hayes thanked Tim McCool and Sid King of KGFL/KHPQ for their participation during Archey Fest.

Craig Clute reported that the baseball season will begin on July 7th and will run until July 28th with all games being played on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 6:00pm. Admission price will be $2 per person. A schedule will be posted on both the city and the Chamber of Commerce’s websites and Facebook pages. There are plans for an end of the season tournament for each division (6, 8, and 10 & under), with the possibility of the 10 & under to be held in Clinton.

Superintendent Jay Chalk said that the feeding program is going great and reminded everyone that it will continue through the month of July. Tim Clark said that the city plans to have an additional tent for this year’s Chuckwagon Dinner which will allow for greater speed and distancing for the crowd. Peggy Eoff reported that the plans to the Arkansas Department of Health have been submitted and hopes to receive a response within a week.

Chief D.L. Webb said that the city has a sufficient stock of DS1, CDC-approved hand sanitizer, for future events. He reminded everyone to continue to keep a healthy distance from one another and always practice proper hygiene.

Again, thanks to all of the city’s workers and citizens for putting our community first and doing your part. Please contact City Hall with any input or for information, and have a safe holiday weekend.

Mayor Richard McCormac