City COVID-19 Response Meeting, June 2

The city’s departmental meeting was held Tuesday, June 2 at the Clinton Fire Station. Those in attendance were D.L. Webb, Richard McCormac, Charles Wilson, Chad Brown, Phillip Jones, and Tim Clark.

Chief Webb reported that the overall health of the county is good and reiterated the need for continued social distancing and proper hygiene. Chief Webb and Chad Brown discussed the extension of time between Phase 1 and Phase 2 and agreed that each planned event must be submitted through the Arkansas Department of Health’s website which is This process will be the quickest and allows a place for each applicant to give a brief narrative of the scheduled event. Chief Webb said that the response time should be within 2-3 days. Each department supervisor is aware of this link and is currently submitting applications.

Chief Willoughby was contacted by phone and said the city is running fine. The chief and I discussed a prayer vigil being planned for Thursday, June 4 that will be held at the VBC Courthouse at 6pm. David Cook has contacted both the city and the county about this event.

Craig Clute had reported that the abbreviated baseball season is still in the works. The schedule is taking more time to construct as other cities have expressed interest and that he hopefully will have a proposal in the next couple of weeks. There is a bass tournament scheduled for June 13-14 which was mistakenly reported as being held in July.

Jason Hayes has been working with Tim Clark on the schedule of Archey Fest in submitting the large venue application. The plans are for fireworks, a fishing derby, and a softball tournament. There will be no carnival rides this year, and the food vendors will be local. ParkFest will coincide with the event to maximize visibility for the craft vendors. The Archey Fork car show will also be held with the soap box derby races coming down “Yellow Jacket Hill.” The Saturday event should produce a fun-filled and safe day for everyone.

Phillip Jones of the Clinton School Board said that family box meals will begin this month and thanked Superintendent Chalk for his lead on this.

Clinton and Van Buren County remain relatively healthy and earlier revenue projections may be less severe than anticipated. As always, continue to do your part in keeping our city and county safe and thank you for all your efforts. Please contact City Hall if you have any concerns or suggestions. Thank you again.

Richard McCormac