City COVID-19 Preparedness Meeting

The city met at its regular COVID-19 meeting on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. at the Clinton Fire Department. Those in attendance were D.L. Webb, Jeana Williams, Dick Smith, Charles Wilson, John Willoughby, Richard McCormac, Chad Brown, Tim Clark, Jay Chalk, and Jason Hayes.

David Deaton sent word that the hospital was still working along its regular schedule with ample supplies of protective equipment, medicines, and personnel. Jeana Williams added that cases of COVID-19 are being sent to Conway Regional. She discussed the needs of the city’s departments for PPE with Fire Chief Webb. They agreed on an accurate request, avoiding inflated numbers. They also suggested that first responders wait on Medic One personnel before entering dwellings.

The airport will keep its building available to pilots refueling with access to the coded entry on the tarmac side. Will Hinchey said that his crew had stopped meeting at the shop each morning and keeping each vehicle to single passengers only. He is also working on a two-way access door at the office for public payment convenience. Jason Hayes will continue to post the most recent information for small businesses on the Chamber’s website with the same information added to the city’s Facebook page. Chief John Willoughby stressed the need for PPE supplies for his department and added that Sergeant Jay Murdock has ordered 12 shielded face masks for the department.

Charles Wilson added the need for additional PPE and suggested closing the Kiddie Park. He also recommended removing the basketball rims at the courts and closing the pavilions. He indicated that close contact was definitely a problem at these locations and stressed the value of the walking trail and the use of open spaces within the park in avoiding close contact with others. City Hall is working on the best way to have its council meeting on April 9th.

Jeana Williams reminded the departments to use Chief Webb as the sole contact for all PPE. She listed as her primary source of contact and reminded leaders to have an action plan in place to replace personnel that test positive. Superintendent Jay Chalk stated that the school will continue to supply meals to students as long as the vendors supply the co-op. Efforts are ongoing to use local churches to fill the need if it becomes necessary in the future. Chief Webb suggested that volunteer fire departments could be instrumental in this effort.

Again, all suggestions from the council may be sent to or called in to City Hall. Chief Webb will continue to work with OEM Director Jeana Williams to streamline the process from the city to the county. Let’s continue to work together alongside one another to support our governor in keeping Arkansas as safe as possible.

Thank you all for your work in the endeavor,
Mayor Richard McCormac