City COVID-19 Preparedness Meeting

The city of Clinton department supervisors met at its regular time on May 11, 2020 at the fire department building in regards to the COVID019 update. Those present were Chief D.L. Webb, Chad Brown, Jason Hayes, Richard McCormac, John Willoughby, and Charles Wilson.

The hospital and water departments reported to be running smoothly with the water department resuming their regular shifts. Will Hinchey will open the lobby on Friday and Police Chief John Willoughby has reopened his lobby to the public. By Friday, all city offices will offer their regular access. Social distancing and optional face mask will remain in effect.

Jason Hayes reported that the restaurants have reopened with limited capacity and hair salons requiring appointments and temperature checks in hopes to avoid ay setbacks. He is also working with other chambers on regional tourism ideas and is hopeful for Archey Fest in late June.

Charles Wilson echoed the possibility of Archey Fest and plans to open up more parking spaces for the city park by the Friday. He also plans to open the pond to fishing but will first talk to the council about it on Thursday the 14th. The kiddie park, basketball courts, and pavilions will remain closed. The bathroom facilities will also be discussed this Thursday night.

Chief DL. Webb is applying for a grant to recoup the expenses for the COVID-19 virus and obtain additional machinery to combat future outbreaks. He is requesting six 360-degree foggers used to disinfect facilities rapidly. Charles Wilson added that baseball is still possible but ultimately will depend on the state. Chad Brown reminded everyone that while restrictions are loosening, the CDC has the authority to shape governmental policy regarding the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens.

Superintendent Jay Chalk is re-opening school for the faculty following the state’s 3-phase guidelines. Phase 3 will be implemented June 1st-12th when all school offices will be opened to the public.

City Hall is in the process of relocating to a permanent facility which will be on the court square. The city wishes to thank the Tomlinson family for the donation of the building and the public for their patience during this trying time. As always, feel free to contact City Hall for any and all suggestions. Thank you again for your commitment to Clinton and Van Buren County.


Richard McCormac