City COVID-19 Preparedness Meeting

Clinton’s department supervisors met Monday, May 4, 2020 at 5:00 p.m., at its regularly scheduled meeting. Those present were D.L. Webb, John Willoughby, Charles Wilson, Richard McCormac, Tim Clark, and Chad Brown. Jason Hayes was monitoring a podcast for the state’s reopening process during yesterday’s meeting.

The hospital continues to remain very stable in operations with ample supplies and no new cases of COVID-19. The cases of infection remain at two. Chief Webb stated that multiple Facebook sources list the current “re-opening” status for the state of Arkansas. Barber shops will re-open Wednesday the 6th, and restaurants on Monday the 11th; both will open with some restrictions such as appointments for salons and capacity limits for restaurants. Jason Hayes will have listings on the Chamber’s Facebook page of the re-opening strategy for Arkansas and small businesses. The current plan is to have a phase one option for two weeks, with a loosening of further restrictions during weeks 3 and 4. Phases 1 and 2 will be completed by June 1st, and hopefully things will begin to return to normal.

Charles Wilson will open the overflow parking lot to the park while keeping the main lot by the basketball courts closed. Next Monday, he plans to begin recycling and opening up the fishing pond. He stressed that common sense on distancing and hygiene will determine our success. The pavilions and the kiddie park will remain closed due to the lack of hand sanitizer available for public use and will be revisited during the phase 2 dates. Chief D.L. Webb has ordered sanitized wipes for each department and echoed Charles Wilson’s request for remaining vigilant in social distancing.

Chad Brown reminded everyone that the Arkansas Department of Health is the state’s legal authority during a health crisis and every directive that the governor issues comes from their agency.

Chief Willoughby and Will Hinchey stated that their departments were running smoothly and thanked the citizens for their cooperation. Superintendent Jay Chalk continues to deliver food throughout the school district with supplies remaining sufficient. Chief Webb said that out of town traffic will increase as the state begins to re-open and stressed for the community to continue to follow the safety guidelines that have been successfully followed during the last several weeks.

All city leaders stressed their confidence in our community’s willingness to see this recent setback as something that will not weaken us, but rather define us. Thank you, Clinton, AR for your patience and diligence in helping everyone around you. Let’s remember to support our local businesses and individuals now more than ever, as we see this summer approach. Please contact City Hall with any comments or suggestions, and thank you again.

Richard McCormac