City COVID-19 Preparedness Meeting: April 27, 2020

The department supervisors of the city of Clinton met at their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, April 27, 2020. Those in attendance were D.L. Webb, Richard McCormac, Chad Brown, Jason Hayes, and Charles Wilson.

David Deaton had reported earlier that the hospital is still functioning with full staff and all medical and protective supplies remain sufficient. Will Hinchey reported that his crews remain healthy and are continuing to work in separated shifts which have been effective. He continues to have confidence in the quality and supply of the water to the community. He added that when paying cash in the drop box to be sure and put your name with your payment if you do not have your bill included. All payments will be honored and the water will remain on.

Chief Willoughby continues to operate at full staff and reported that his PPE remains sufficient.

Charles Wilson said that the park is clean and ready for spring, and he will possibly open up some closer parking on the north end depending on the governor’s recommendations later in the week. Chief D.L. Webb added that this could be a pivotal week depending on the governor’s decisions now through May 4. He said that the restaurant decision will be made on the 29th, gyms on the 30th, hair salons May 1, and churches and larger venues by May 4th. The current protocol will remain in place until the first week in May.

Jason Hayes said that he anticipated more activity in the kayak and canoe rentals once the state begins to re-open. Chief Webb reminded everyone that the governor’s recommendations would dictate our response. It looks hopeful for our community, but we will proceed with caution. Charles Wilson hopes to start recycling next week. Again, this depends on the governor’s upcoming recommendations. Archey Fest and the biker convention “Rumble on the River” will be considered later in May. Baseball is still hoping to be played later in the summer but all things are still undetermined. Chief Webb and Chad Brown discussed the importance of moving forward in a steady and incremental process with a continued planned response for any setbacks. Superintendent Jay Chalk said that the school will continue to feed the students into the upcoming months. He is working on graduation exercises this week and like the cities, he looks to the State for further direction.

All in all, it looks positive for slowly reopening our closed facilities and services, but we will maintain our awareness of distancing and proper hygiene. Again, I wish to thank our community for their patience and cooperation during this time of the COVID-19 situation. Please remain positive and safe.

Thank you all,
Richard McCormac