City COVID-19 Preparedness Meeting

Clinton city supervisors met Monday, April 20, 2020 at the Clinton Fire Department. Those attending were Chief John Willoughby, Tim Clark, D.L. Webb, Richard McCormac, Chad Brown, and Charles Wilson.

David Deaton said that the hospital is still “keeping their nose to the grindstone” and maintaining the same policy. All supplies are holding up and no new cases of COVID-19 have been reported. He thanked the Clinton Water and Sewer Department for excellent service. He also added that the parade arranged by the county and local fire departments made a wonderful impression on all of the staff and residents. Great job to all!

Chief Webb reported that Dr. Jose is running low on PPE gowns and said he’d refer him to Director Deaton. Jason Hayes is gathering a collection of questions and answers the small businesses have been asking, as well as the responses that they’re getting from the Small Business Association. He is focusing on the most common solutions and problems encountered and will post them on the Chamber’s website. Will Hinchey is very pleased that all of his crew remain healthy and are continuing to work in shifts. He also reported that the Hwy 65 construction is nearing town and giving him more time to address local issues other than breaks in the North water line. All pressure and quality of water remain good.

Chief John Willoughby reported that his officers are all healthy and have plenty of PPE equipment. Their department did make an arrest on a kidnapping charge from Tennessee, and the two incarcerated were held in isolation in two separate locations. Charles Wilson stated that citizens are utilizing the walking trail but keeping their distance form each other. He also said that his department is getting a great deal of work done and may continue the system of individuals working specified areas throughout the summer. He hopes some more of the park can be opened up to parking in early May, but it will depend on the governor’s recommendation.

City Hall is looking at relocating in the coming months with electrical and heat/air contractors evaluating the new building this week. The policy of a closed City Hall to visitors will remain in effect until further instructions from the state.

Chief Webb reported that the school is still delivering meals and that Davis Cash Lumber has masks available for the public. He also addressed with Chad Brown the possibility of Judge Carnahan holding court in the H.S. Auditorium two days a month. He will bring it before the board at the next meeting.

As always, feel free to call City Hall or the Mayor with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. D.L. Webb may also be contacted at any time as he is the contact person for the city to Van Buren County. Chief Webb also reported that Lincoln County has several active cases with Van Buren County currently having only three at this time. He stated that things are looking up but encouraged everyone not to relax here but to maintain their distancing and healthy lifestyle that is working thus far. Keep up the good work Van Buren County, and thank you very much.

Richard McCormac, Mayor of Clinton