City COVID-19 Preparedness Meeting

The city’s weekly COVID-19 meeting was held at the Clinton Fire Station at 5:00 p.m., Monday, April 13, 2020. Those in attendance were D. L. Webb, Richard McCormac, Tim Clark, John Willoughby, Will Hinchey, Charles Wilson, Chad Brown, and Jason Hayes.

David Deaton reported that the hospital continues to run smoothly with no COVID-19 positive results. There have been multiple in-house tests, but all have been negative. Supplies remain sufficient despite difficulty in ordering of multiple quantities. Overall, the hospital is doing well.

Jason Hayes reported that the local representative for the AR Small Business Development and Technology Center is Patricia Long and is the best resource for financial aid for local small businesses. Jason may be reached at the Chamber Office or contacted at 501-250-5560. He can give you all her direct contact information.

The city budget committee will meet next week and review the first quarter revenues. All department heads have been asked to look at all cost cutting measures as revenues for the second and third quarters are expected to drop. Will Hinchey said that the Water Department is working on 24 hour shifts and all employees are healthy. He and Kent Cates are the only employees working 5 full days. The office is running in shifts and five field employees are always on a 24-hour call. The drop box is working well for payments, and a permanent walk-up window with a speaker is the next addition to the Water Department. Late fees will remain in effect for auditing purposes and will be addressed later in the year on a case by case basis. Again, no one’s water will be shut off during the pandemic.

Chief John Willoughby reported that the Police Department is healthy and working efficiently. Charles Wilson reminded the public that recycling has been temporarily suspended, and citizens may use the drop off trailer located in the Annex parking lot. Jason Hayes will continue to work with the city, keeping its website and Facebook page current.

D. L. Webb reported that the school lunch service is running smoothly and reminded everyone of the First Responders Parade on Friday beginning at 12:00 noon. The route will begin at the auditorium, pass by Cash Savers, and conclude at the nursing home. All are encouraged to pick an appropriate spot along the route and support our men and women that are serving us daily. He also reminded the city and county departments that the city’s limited supply of gloves and hand sanitizer is available to those departments who need them. Feel free to contact him at 501-454-8882.

As always, stay safe and healthy and continue to do your part for our great state. Clinton & Van Buren County will continue to stay strong and overcome this outbreak. Thank you for all your patience, courage, and hard work for your fellow man.

Richard McCormac, Mayor of Clinton