C. G. Bolden Day 2019

February 19 | Annual Commemoration Day for the city of Clinton, Arkansas

Corporal Bolden’s remains were returned to his family in Clinton in 2016, 60 years after he died in a Korean prisoner of war camp. His story serves as a reminder of the extreme sacrifices made by many members of our armed forces, and their loved ones.


Be it known to all from this day forward and progressing every year henceforth that February 19th be set aside and declared by the City of Clinton, Arkansas, United States of America Corporal C. G. Bolden Day.

This proclamation is enacted by the mayor of the City of Clinton, Richard McCormac, and endorsed and approved by the city council of Clinton, Arkansas; Sammy Ward, Johnny Moore, Jason Lynch, Nina Bonds Baker, Gayla Bradley, and Tim Barnes.

Let this day be set aside every year for the enrichment, the education, and the remembrance of any and all veterans who gave their lives as a sacrifice for our freedoms; with a particular and special emphasis on those who were prisoners of war and those declared missing in action.

May this day always serve as a reminder that our freedoms are not free, but are freely given to us all, by these selfless few.

(Declared Thursday, February 19, 2015)