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As of May 11, 2017, any NEW business venture opening within the Clinton city limits is required by law to register with the City and pay a mandatory license fee of $25.00.

The Business License is valid for the term of one (1) calendar year, beginning January 1, at an annual cost of $25.00. This initial fee is REQUIRED upon registration and VOLUNTARY for renewing businesses.

To apply for a business license, please visit City Hall at 354 Main Street, Downtown Clinton.

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The business registration process is intended to help regulate & protect the safety and credibility of our business community, as well as to maintain accurate local information.

– The city of Clinton maintains a current list of all active business establishments within the city limits. This includes brick & mortar businesses, service providers, vendors, and any other commercial establishments.

– This list is maintained by the city as a source of accurate information in the event of emergency and disaster, as required by local & state regulations.

– This business list is also published online as a reference for the public, and is cross-referenced with the business membership list of the Chamber of Commerce’s Community Directory.

– You can update the information on file for your business at any time by completing this form:

Business Form

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce represents the active business community in our area, with a mission to develop and maintain a vibrant business environment through the development of relevant and innovative services and community leadership, enhancing the economic quality of life in Van Buren County.

Together, businesses can:

  • Thrive by creating a better business climate.
  • Attract more customers, each business helping the other to thrive.
  • Economically better the community in which they do business, to everyone’s benefit.
  • Instill in the community a base of values which will serve the community and the businesses well.
  • Establish credibility and viability for the businesses of the area.
  • Better promote the community and its interest.
  • Share in the success of our city and area.

Executive Director, Jason Hayes

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