“Forgotten America” BBC Spotlight

BBC in Clinton AR – Joe & Tom at Greater Good Retreat | Photo courtesy of Jackie & Sean Sikes
Our community recently received a very special visit from BBC correspondents traveling from London, England to find real stories about small-town America. Stay tuned to City of Clinton on Facebook & the Van Buren County Democrat for updates about the release of this project!


Dan & Peggy Eoff

March 5

Bar of Ranch/National Championship Chuckwagon Races
“The Clintonians who voted for Trump”

    Escaping the Graveyard

    March 8

    Cathlene Price, Serenity Ridge Recovery

      Aaron & Danielle Cooper

      March 9

      Full-Time Family http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-39206451

        Emergency Vet

        Lori Bates, Clinton Slaughterhouse


          Native Roots

          Jordan Whitebull


            Local Press

            Column by Alex Kienlen, VBC Democrat-Gazette Editor →

            It’s been an interesting week. Last week, just after the issue came out, I met a couple guys in town doing a story on Clinton for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). They’re due to be in the area for most of this week as well, and you might see them bopping around: Younger guys, usually with some sort of camera, talking to people, casual dress, British accents (not tea, coffee; glad to clear that up). Nice guys, they smile a lot.

            They got here, they told me in answering the “Why Clinton?” question, they wanted to really see and report on rural America past some silly sound bite…
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            BBC documentary team visits Clinton →