A Word of Appreciation

There are many kinds of essential workers. On behalf of the City of Clinton, please join in sharing gratitude for the many individuals in our community whose dedication extends beyond the “normal” days to extreme situations.

For those who work tirelessly on the front lines of emergency response – thank you for going above and beyond every day to help keep us safe.

For those in our school districts that continue to nurture our youth with positivity & compassion – thank you for being examples of leadership outside the classroom.

For those in all levels of the medical field – thank you for your endless work to improve the lives of others.

For the essential workers that keep our utilities on, drive our delivery trucks, staff our stores, and keep our supply chain moving – thank you for your long hours and your valuable role in our everyday lives.

For the small business owners, parents, caretakers, students, and community volunteers – we acknowledge the continuing work you face every day on the home front. Thank you for your drive & dedication, your creativity, your patience, and your faith. You are ALWAYS essential.

Thank you to our city & county personnel who have gone above and beyond as a team to make sure our community is prepared & informed.

Everyone who believes in our community and contributes their time, efforts, and skills into making a better life for their loved ones is ESSENTIAL. Thank you all, and don’t forget to thank others for their part in the blessings so easily taken for granted.