2018: City Council Notes

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Meeting called at 6:30pm. All members present. Minutes and financials approved. Adjourned at 8:28pm.

  • Airport – Alex Kienlen reported on the progress of two grants for hangar building improvements and a new entry.
  • Animal Control – Officer Tim Pike reported 6 calls in the city for March with one dog and one cat picked up. Lori Treat reported 48 dogs and 6 cats in the shelter currently.
  • Fire – Chief Webb reported no fires and all pumper trucks passed inspection.
  • Parks – Mayor reported for Charles Wilson. Parks department reported well.
  • Police – Chief Willoughby asked for approval to trade in two cars (2006 Crown Vic and 2010 Charger) towards a new vehicle.
  • Street – Mayor reported for Charles Wilson. Junk B Gone was successful. Looking for Hwy 65 Volunteers.
  • Water – Richard Hink asked CWB to present their report on the 10 Year Plan and the status of ongoing projects. The Hwy 65 B Project was presented at $150,000, and the Pole Yard Pump Station was estimated at $500,000. Motion by Pistole and seconded by Ward to move $500,000. Motion passed 6-0.
    The sewer project on Gary Street was presented at a cost of $670,000. The final project presented was the auto-read meters at $150,000. Motion by Hastings and seconded by Pistole to move $75,000 from water infrastructure to operations. Motion passed 6-0. Motion by Pistole and seconded by Ward to move $750,000 from City to Water to fund the three final projects. Motion passed 6-0.
  • Zoning – Phillip Ellis reported on the 2020 Census and the tornado siren status.
    A sidewalk resolution was presented to apply for a TAP grant. The 80/20 grant would be shared by the Clinton school district. The resolution passed 6-0-.
    A minimum standards energy code update ordinance was passed 6-0.
    An ordinance was presented to add a $20 fee on traffic violations to curb the cost of prisoner incarceration. Motion passed 6-0.
  • Mayor’s Comments – The mayor commented on the medical marijuana status and the $1.50 for the fire department along with the Honey Hills power line relocation.
  • Public Comments – Mark Malone stressed the need for inspectors to be present on all ongoing contracted jobs for the city. John Theberge agreed with Malone and asked the city to get involved with programming weather radios. He also commented on the council’s need to know where all of the city’s money is and what “pot” that it is in.


Meetings of the Clinton City Council are held the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Clinton Municipal Airport off Hwy 16 East. The public and all press & media are invited to attend. The heads of the municipal departments (Airport, Animal Control, Advertising & Promotion, Fire, Parks & Streets, Police, Water, & Zoning, Advertising & Promotion/Economic Development) present monthly reports. Mayor Richard McCormac presides and members of the City Council consider old/new business with budget and ordinance discussions.